Baby Boomers grew up listening to The Who’s lyrics: “Hope I die before I get old.” 77 million people were born between 1946 and 1964, the period defined as “The Baby Boomer era.”

Now this Senior Age group is for the first time the largest in terms of size and percent of the U.S. Population. And contrary to singer, Pete Townshend’s ultimatum, they are sticking around. And aging.

The first Baby Boomer turned 65 and hit the retirement age on January 1, 2011. Over the next 18 years, Boomers will be turning 65 at a rate of 8,000 a day. So what does that mean for the housing market of Orange County? More in-home elevators.


There are now approximately 700,000 seniors residing in Orange County. In past generations it was the norm that seniors either moved in with their children after a certain age or they moved into retirement centers.

Now Boomers are once again defying conventions. They are choosing to stay in their own homes and navigate their own lifestyles.

Even so, the reality is age is catching up to them. Climbing a flight of stairs (or multiple flights of stairs) isn’t an option for some of these folks. But if the '60s taught us anything about this generation it is that are willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want. That means erecting elevators inside their homes to keep up their active lifestyle.

Surprisingly, home elevator installation is not as expensive as you would think. In the past, it was prohibitively costly for only but the richest to install elevators in their homes.

That’s changed in recent years due to a new kind of installation technology based on vacuum suction. Previously, in-home elevator installation required a whole room to house the equipment for operation and required excavation- pricy necessities.

That’s the situation contractor, Donald Shepherd faced when first installing elevators in the early 1980s. He has since gained extensive experience placing elevators in many commercial buildings and schools, including two elevators in the Science Building at Long Beach City College.

Now a veteran when it comes to elevator innovation, Donald can bring home elevators to the Baby Boomer demographic of Orange County for under $40,000 (approximately $32,000 for the elevator; $8,000 for incidentals/installation) per home. Using the vacuum technology, no excavation is needed and the elevator only requires three feet of space for housing.

Recently, Shepherd Construction helped an aging Baby Boomer couple stay in their large two-story house with a view by installing an elevator to accommodate their needs. This simple addition saved a vast amount of time and money and let them keep their beautiful home that held many memories for them.

If you are interested in receiving a quote and would like to discuss your options, feel free to contact Shepherd Construction at:

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